A great way to dress up your hair a little without having to put too much effort is a head band. They are great and can worn in so many different ways. I ear head bands to class and when I go out. All you do it put it on and your do not have to do much else with your hair. It is always nice to be able to do something fun and fast with your hair!


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Dress for Comfort and Fun

A cute comfy outfit can last the whole day through a variety of activities.  The summer allows for a whole new set of cute outfits and provides plenty of busy fun days.  Be ready for those days in a comfy outfit that you can wear many places.  This is a picture of me and my friends from high school last summer.  It was at our swim team reunion, which was very casual, and the three of us went out to dinner and froyo after.  We could’ve worn sweats to the reunion but we all chose something more versatile that allowed us to walk around town and eat without having to change into something more appropriate.  


    Enjoy your summers and choose your outfits wisely!

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How to dress like it’s 1997

Travis 1st day at Roeper

Denim vest: check
Denim jeans: check
Probably velcro shoes: check

I guess I’ve been inspired to look at my first day of school, considering today is my last.

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Last Day of School

Last Day of School

There is a debate in my class today. My partner decided we should wear something formal or semi-formal. I don’t like to wear healed shoes, even though they fits suits better. Fattie is a good choice. They are not that causal, but much comfortable than heals.

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Dressing Well for Class

When I dress nicely for class it is very different than when i dress nicely to go out. When It is nicer out my outfits for class normally consist of a nice shirt, a cardigan or sweater, skinny jeans, and sperrys. Most say I am very preppy or New England, but it doesn’t bother me I mean I AM from New England.  

These look like some everyday clothes I’d wear to class


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How To Dress PART 2

For my second blog post this week, I decided to show my favorite cardigan I bought this season. It was a very chilly May 1st, so I wore my chambray button down underneath. To create the look, I button all but the top and bottom buttons on the cardigan. The dark color and stripe pattern works well against the neutral color of the shirt. 



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Last Day of Classes

For my last day of classes (possibly ever) I decided to actually put together an outfit that was not yoga pants. Even though it was a bit cold, I did not really care and wanted to rock a dress today! I noticed that a lot of girls were rocking dresses and sweaters today – so cute!


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