Everyday I’m thrift-ing!

This is my last blog post for this course, and as this week’s theme is about giving tips and suggestions about how to dress better at Wooster, my post is all about how to dress better by thrift store shopping. Have you ever indulged in what I call online window shopping? If you have browsed through online stores such as Forever 21 or H & M and saved items you want to buy in a shopping cart but never ended up buying the items-then you are many of the people like me who regularly online window shop. It’s a pathetic feeling, really…not being able to buy new clothes or change your wardrobe because you are living on a student budget. As a senior, I faced a lot of trouble as I had to dress up in suits and blazers in order to attend interviews and seminars. In the beginning, I bought a dress from H&M for $35 and for me that is expensive because as an international student, I am responsible for my own living costs. I had to get shoes and a professional looking bag. It was getting tiresome as I struggled to make ends meet, finance trips off campus to interview and have money to dress professionally.

Then Goodwill happened. Thank God Goodwill happened! I bought blazers, dresses, leather jackets and all sorts of tops under $60. If I were to buy new outfits from Forever 21, a blazer itself would have costed me at least $40. Hence, my last suggestion to dress better would be to not limit your fashionista adventures because you are on a tight budget. Go thrift-shopping and up-do your old outfits by adding lace, buttons and fun patterns or painting designs with fabric paint. You can be fashionable despite being on limited budget. So go thrift-shopping and be the fashionista you are!

GOODWILL ATHENS GEORGIA Thrift Store Huntington Rd., Goodwill Store Clarke County Athens GA. Donation Center West Side

Thanks for reading my posts and commenting! It was super fun blogging for this class 🙂

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