Treat yourself better

I have been struggling with body issues for years which impact my fashion sense at a daily basis. I do not have a zero figure. I do not have slim toned arms or a flat stomach. I would often want to buy clothes but not end up buying the outfits because I would feel that my body shape would not fit well. Often I would promise myself that I would buy a certain dress only if I lost weight.

As our last theme of the blog is about giving suggestions about how to dress better, my most important suggestion would be to treat yourself better and love yourself. Go buy that dress if you want to. Do not limit your fashion options just because you have not embraced your ideal desired body weight. You are perfect and beautiful the way you are.

Being a fashionista has NOTHING to do with your weight. It’s all about how your treat and carry yourself. Do not let others dictate your fashion sense. Love yourself.

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