Showing Wooster What’s Up!

How appropriate that my sorority formal was this weekend, so I could follow this week’s theme – showing Woo how to dress up! Formal is always a good time because we all get to dress up our prettiest and wear our big heels and do our hair and all of that fun stuff (accompanied with some light drinking if you’re of age of course). And then the boys get to take their sweat pants off and look like real men (haha, just kidding, not trying to generalize, but….). Two of my very best friends, who you have seen countless times in this blog, took one last one for this, for our last senior Pi Kappa formal. It’s been a great time, Woo.


Last formal!

Last formal!

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One Response to Showing Wooster What’s Up!

  1. kkamlowsky14 says:

    Love these dresses! You look beautiful!

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