How Not to Dress: Fedoras

I’m all for expressing yourself through what you wear or whatever, but I fly into a rage every time I see a goddamn fedora in the 21st century.


No, random douchebag on the internet. It’s not classy. You’re not even outdoors.


Stop it.




You know why it works for Don Draper?
A. He’s played by Jon Hamm.
B. It goes with a suit, not a t-shirt.
C. He takes it off indoors.
D. IT’S THE 1960S!

In short, this look will not turn you into a suave, mysterious, Bogartesque gentleman. Please take your fedoras and burn them.

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3 Responses to How Not to Dress: Fedoras

  1. shuyuanliu2014 says:

    I like fedoras. I think it is a popular hat in all classic movies. But you are right, don’t wear them in street. It is so wired.

  2. dlanger14 says:

    HAHA, Travis I completely agree. Fedoras are the worst (in my opinion). Not classy, not cute, just kind of weird, dated, and a little creepy (am I over-generalizing?Oh well) However, I do agree that Jon Hamm kills it in that fedora.

  3. travmarm says:

    The other thing with Hamm is that there is a team of people to make that look as good as possible. It’s like Ryan Gosling’s ridiculous jacket from Drive that somehow works in that movie.

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