Bro-ing Out in Woo-Town!

Bro-ing Out in Woo-Town!

What up class? Big Nate here about to show everyone how to dress like a bro. Ladies, if you love a guy with a six-pack, a work hard play hard mentality, and a relaxed personality, here are the signals of a standard bro. Gentleman, here are some steps to get you on your way to embodying a look that may get you called a douche a few times, but when you pull off the bro look, you simply end up not giving a damn…Here we go

Step 1: Come out the shower, put gel in your hair. Use a little, use a lot, I don’t care, if you have hair, do something with it, like the mohawk shown in these two pictures. My strategy is squirt some out the bottle into your hand without looking and see how much you get. Simple way. Remember, just because you wear a lot of gel or gel your hair everyday, does NOT make you a douche.

Step 2: Jeans, because that’s how real bros do it. Not like those ridiculously colored khakis you see running around campus along with their sperry’s

Step 3: Timberland Boots (not shown). You want the look of a boy, but the look of a man at the same time? Go with Timberland boots.

Step 4: Shirt. If you going to wear a shirt, make it a pink button down, no button. You got a beach body? Might as well show it off,
Alternative: Bright yellow tank top. Ladies don’t necessarily like the cutoff all the time, but you can’t go wrong in a tank. You can lift, lay out, or work in it
Either way: Make sure either shirt is bright. You want people thinking you look brighter and hotter than the sun

Step 5: Necklace. Can be a dog tag, or something silver, don’t wear anything too big that it takes the focus off your look

Step 6: Aviators, Preferably mirror shades. You want people to see their own reflection, plus you can look anywhere you want to, strike a pose while eyeing the camera, or cruising down the highway. Either way, the Top Gun look and attitude completes the bro look.

Optional: Belt, Shirt

That’s all for today! Tune in next time! Remember, just because you’re a bro, and look like one, does not make you look like a douche. Get out there; Work, Lift, Party. Have fun

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