Typical Long Coat and Boot Combo

I was on twitter the other day and my friend posted a photo of a group of girls at his school.  They are all wearing almost the exact same thing, long coats and brown boots.


(I cropped it a little more so you can’t see anyones faces, since I don’t know the girls I can’t ask for permission to post a picture of them.)

I just thought it was interesting to see a picture with so many girls wearing such a stereotypical outfit.  Where I went to high school, everyone wore something like this just about every day in the winter and it became a joke.  People would take pictures together, post it on Facebook, and caption it “twins,” even though everyone was matching at least five other people.  I never really followed the crowd and picked up on the trend so this just looks silly to me, but hey, at least they are all probably warm!

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6 Responses to Typical Long Coat and Boot Combo

  1. kkalis15 says:

    I have that EXACT North Face they are wearing– but in white. I feel like every 20-something girl is rocking the same wardrobe in the winter

  2. dlanger14 says:

    Haha that is so true! I remember in high school, everyone wore victoria’s secret yoga pants, Ugg boots, and some kind of North Face fleece jacket. I thought it was so stupid (even though I did it too, oops). It’s kind of funny that you think when you get to college your style can be more individual, yet we all tend to wear the same things as our peers. In our case, it’s long coats and brown boots! Funny.

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